About Us

At the Demeter Family Office, we foster enduring relationships with exceptional real estate developers on an international scale. Our approach is built on the principles of trust, collaboration, and mutual growth.

Our core concentration is centered on Canada, although we will also consider international projects based on their own merit. We target residential, industrial and mixed-use opportunities, with a focus on purpose-built rentals.

By forming long-standing partnerships, we empower developers with the support, capital, and expertise they need to succeed in diverse real estate markets. Together, we strive to create innovative and transformative projects that leave meaningful impacts on communities, shaping the future of real estate development worldwide.

We are unwavering in our commitment to breaking free from conventional thinking, positioning ourselves as accelerators in a sector where financing often lags behind demand, especially regarding equity placement. Our lean and flexible structure empowers us to craft financing solutions swiftly and commit to real estate development projects.

Unlike traditional models, we pride ourselves on maintaining a highly competitive cost of capital. We create win-win situations to ensure that our partners thrive alongside us, achieving shared goals and delivering transformative projects to communities across the globe.

By harnessing innovation and embracing speed, we are reshaping the landscape of real estate funding and propelling projects towards success with unmatched efficiency and efficacy.


In our corporate environment, our foundational principles revolve around the well-being and dignity of every individual. We adhere unwaveringly to the highest ethical standards and are dedicated to fostering a workplace that cultivates respect, empathy, and fairness in every facet.

Our interactions are underscored by the fundamental belief in treating each team member, partner, and stakeholder in the manner that reflects the respect we hold for ourselves. This ethos forms the bedrock of a culture that values open communication, inclusivity, and ethical conduct.

As we push the boundaries of innovation, we are committed to shaping ground-breaking solutions and to creating avenues for professional advancement and success. By consistently embracing these principles, we not only define our corporate identity, but also contribute to a broader vision of a business world where people remain at the heart of every endeavor.


Our primary objective is to cultivate living spaces that prioritize the well-being of individuals and communities, while also playing a pivotal role in achieving our global commitment to carbon neutrality. In this vein, our corporate and investment strategy is deeply rooted in the integration of environmental, social, and governance factors, reflecting our dedication to responsible practices.

We firmly believe that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive. We recognize that aligning our assets with climate change considerations not only safeguards us against future market shifts but also enhances value creation.

Environmental, Social, and Governance considerations have gained significant importance in investment decisions and business practices as organizations strive to achieve not only financial success, but also a positive impact on society and the planet.

By being proactive in anticipating forthcoming market standards, we position ourselves to excel both ethically and financially.  In essence, our strategy encompasses the amalgamation of ESG principles, a focus on well-being, and a commitment to sustainability.