Our Edge



We operate as partners, not mere lenders, allowing us to embrace a longer-term perspective that distinguishes us from other investors. Unlike typical private equity firms, we embrace an owner mindset with an extended time horizon, hence facilitating the maximization of value for every one of our real estate ventures.

As an informed financial partner, we strive to enhance our relationships with development partners by actively engaging in crucial decisions throughout the development process. Concurrently, we empower our development partners to execute their responsibilities in a proficient and diligent manner, giving them free reign to practice their core skills and expertise.

While our preference leans towards equity investments, we possess the flexibility to invest across the entire capital structure of the project, including mezzanine, debt and equity financing.

Our lean and flexible operational setup allows us to make swift decisions and offer prompt feedback. In contrast to institutional funds, we avoid navigating multiple committees for consensus to secure necessary approvals. Instead, we answer to a single shareholder who plays a pivotal role in decision-making and collaborates closely with the senior leadership team.



At the Demeter Family Office, we prioritize governance and adhere to the highest industry standards. Our approach aligns with institutional fund governance requirements and focuses on accountability, transparency, fairness, and ethical behavior in the conduct of business and management of resources.

In the context of our real estate development projects, we delegate day-to-day operations to our development partners, allowing them to execute their strategies and make operational decisions without micromanagement, which is essential for fostering innovation and agility.

We form strong and diverse boards with experienced members who bring a wealth of sector-specific knowledge, industry connections, and a broader perspective to help our partners navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

We’ve developed a comprehensive risk management framework that assesses and mitigates potential risks to safeguard our investments.  We continuously evaluate and adapt our governance practices to evolving industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices to remain effective and responsive in a dynamic business environment.

By combining strong governance with proactive engagement and a focus on excellence, we are setting the stage for sustainable success and positive outcomes for our partners and stakeholders.